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About News Nirvana

A new path forward for hyper-local news organizations.

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News Nirvana (a service of TownNews) partners with community newshounds to launch hyper-local digital news organizations in targeted "news deserts."

Local news in crisis

According to the University of North Carolina's The Expanding News Desert report (2018), local news is in crisis nationwide:

A podcast that explores the vital role online news start-ups are playing in underserved and unserved media markets. Panelists: Nick Parker (Publisher, Link to Lee's Summit) and Rick Rogers (CRO, TownNews).

Presented on January 20th, 2021 to members of LION Publishers (

  • "Half of the 3,143 counties in the country now have only one newspaper, usually a small weekly, attempting to cover its various communities. Almost 200 counties in the country have no newspaper at all."
  • ". . . between 1,300 and 1,400 communities that had newspapers of their own in 2004 now have no news coverage at all."
  • "The residents of America‚Äôs emerging news deserts are often its most vulnerable citizens. They are generally poorer, older and less educated than the average American."

Without reliable local news sources, citizens lack the information necessary to identify and solve the problems plaguing their communities.

What's at stake when a community loses its local news? Democracy.

The News Nirvana solution

We identify news deserts, find capable publishers, and provide them with the FREE tools, resources, and consulting to make their new digital news initiative a success.

As a News Nirvana partner, you get:

  • A mobile- and AMP-optimized website powered by a cutting-edge CMS that's used by more media organizations than any other platform.
  • Your own dedicated News Nirvana subdomain (
  • Targeted programmatic advertising campaigns managed by TownNews' expert digital ad ops team.
  • Subscription/membership support to grow your audience.
  • The ability to share with and source content from hundreds of news organizations nationwide.
  • Detailed website and revenue analytics.
  • Periodic check-ups and advice from News Nirvana's digital experts.

You keep all of your locally-sold ad revenue, and we share the programmatic backfill revenue with you.

How to launch your own FREE hyper-local News Nirvana site

Do you live in a news desert? Do you have what it takes to deliver the news and information your community needs to stay vibrant? We want to meet you!