50 COVID-19 terms to know

omprehend. Yet confusion is the last thing needed in a public health emergency. If a portion of the community doesn’t fully grasp what needs to happen to stop the spread, consequences can be deadly. To help demystify some of the language related to the pandemic,


used a variety of news reports and public health sources to compile a list of 50 terms that you need to know to understand COVID-19 news.

After the pandemic, you will never think the same way about face masks or hospital beds. Many members of the American public will also embrace a newfound understanding of virus transmission, hand-washing, and proper disinfecting methods from this experience. Whether you already had a rudimentary understanding of medical terms or wouldn’t recognize an N95 face mask if you were handed one, brushing up on these 50 COVID-19 terms to know will undoubtedly help you understand the pandemic a bit better. Read on to find out what a PCR test is, what constitutes herd immunity, what it really means to flatten the curve, and more.

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