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SPOKANE, Wash. -- Southwest Airlines cancelled two thousand flights over the weekend nationwide, on Monday many people still haven't reached their destinations.

Lara Smith was one of the many passengers not able to fly.

"I've flown a lot in my life, and this is first time I've been stuck like this," said Smith.

On Saturday, Smith was ready to jump on plane to see her mom in Columbus Ohio.

Your mom only gets one 85th birthday, if you get it, you are lucky, so I need to get to Columbus," she said.

Smith said she got a notification that her flight was delayed Saturday.

The flight then went from being delayed -- to cancelled.

Smith lives 4 hours away in a small town in Idaho, so she was stuck in Spokane overnight.

"I am so lucky that I got a hotel room," she said.

The next morning, she said her flight Sunday was cancelled and Monday's flight was also cancelled.

So, the big question.. why? Why so many cancellations?

Well, it depends on who you ask.

Southwest blamed air traffic control issues and disruptive weather in a statement issued Sunday.

While others like Henry Harteveldt, President and Travel Industry Analyst at the Atmosphere Research Group, suggests that some pilots are calling in sick or refusing to work in opposition to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate that southwest announced earlier this month.

And Smith wonders the same, "I don't think Southwest is being totally honest with what is going on."

Whatever the reason for cancellation may be, Smith just wants to see her mom for her 85th birthday.

"That's why I haven't given up hope and scraped this vacation - it's important for me to be there," Smith said.

Smith said it would be the first time she has seen her mom in two years and the first time in five years, that the whole family would be together.

"We all live throughout the United States, so for all of us to come together takes a lot of planning," she said.

While she has a flight for tomorrow, Smith said she still is concerned of the possibility of another cancellation.

"I just want to get on flight tomorrow, I want to go home, I want to see my mom," she said.

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